We have grown into
a company second to

From CEO

Since its founding in 1987, National Tool Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and selling special cutlery, tools, and processed parts with the motto of “high precision + short delivery times.” Thanks to your support, we have been able to grow into a proud company second to none in this field. Although when the company considers further development, it is essential for us to enter new businesses and develop businesses from multiple angles. So our company is currently working on processing automobile parts. Times are rapidly changing, with user needs becoming increasingly diverse. Our company will flexibly and quickly stay ahead of these changes.We aim to create new corporate value by always making proposals from the user’s perspective. As we head into the new era, each and every engineer will believe in their own potential and work hard to ensure that customers are satisfied with our products. Customers will say, “National Tool is a company with high precision and short delivery times.”

Representative Director and President Masaki Morozumi

Representative Director
and President
Masaaki Morozumi

Company Philosophy

  • Highly respect my valued customers as well as all of my employees
  • Bullilding up loriginal skills Srandard

Basic policy

  • Producing products that will meet customer’s necessity and build up chemistry for a better living
  • Pespond with profit change and become a trustworthy company

Company Profile

Company name
National Tool Co., Ltd.
October 1987 (Showa 62)
40.5 million yen
11400-238 Tamagawa, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture 391-0011
Masaaki Morozumi
  1. Manufacture and sale of special knives, jigs and tools.
  2. Cutting
90 people (as of the end of August 2023)
Nagano Bank, Hachijuni Bank, Nagano Prefecture Credit Union, Suwa Shinkin Bank
Main clients
Hikari Seiko Co., Ltd., Kyowa Kogyo Co., Ltd., Mizuno Iron Works Co., Ltd., Nippo Valve Co., Ltd., Kitz Co., Ltd.
(in no particular order)Also, more than 50 other companies


  • 1987(Showa 62)

    Established National Tool Co., Ltd. in Kitayama, Chino City
    Started manufacturing special tools
  • 1992(Heisei 4)

    Established parts manufacturing department
    Started manufacturing light electrical parts
  • 1995(Heisei 7)

    Moved to Yonezawa, Chino City
  • 2003(Heisei 15)

    Started manufacturing automobile parts
  • 2004(Heisei 16)

    Toshifumi Morozumi is appointed as Representative Director and President
  • 2005(Heisei 17)

    Newly built and relocated head office factory to Tamagawa, Chino City (current location)
    Introduction of new equipment
  • 2007(Heisei 19)

    Head office factory expansion
  • 2010(Heisei 22)

    Toshifumi Morozumi is appointed as Representative Director and Chairman, and
    Masaaki Morozumi is appointed as Representative Director and President
  • 2011(Heisei 23)

    Obtained ISO9001 certification
  • 2013(Heisei 25)

    Established Kyowa NT (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as an overseas production base
  • 2016(Heisei 28)

    30th anniversary of founding
  • 2017(Heisei 29)

    Toshifumi Ryougaku, chairman of the board, retires.
  • 2018 (Heisei 30)

    Kyowa NT (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
    Obtained IATF16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015.


11400-238 Tamagawa, Chino City,
Nagano Prefecture 391-0011
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