Consideration for quality.
ISO management system.


On December 9, 2011, our company obtained certification of “ISO9001:2008”, an international standard for quality management systems (hereinafter referred to as QMS), and currently has obtained certification of “ISO9001:2015”, the latest version.

In order to provide even more peace of mind and trust to our customers in the future, we will build a strong internal system that complies with international standards and constantly strive to improve quality and sustainable service provision from the customer’s perspective. We would like to build a QMS keeping in mind that we will contribute to our customers and ultimately to society.

Taking this opportunity, all of our employees will work even harder in our company’s work in order to further improve our services, and we would appreciate your continued guidance and support.


As a company located in a blessed natural environment, we are actively working on environmental issues and achieving the SDGs.
We will review our business processes and aim to achieve high quality and environmental conservation.

Fusion of special tools and

・We perform cutting and special tool manufacturing (full-form tools, etc.) in-house, making it possible to shorten machining time and reduce the number of tools, contributing to energy savings. ・We also consider the environment and resources, as we re-grind used cutting tools in-house and reuse them as materials for other tools.

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