Shohei Denda

Parts division Production department Production divisionOperator Joined in 2014 PLAY MOVIE


Due to his transfer in the workplace(quality assurance → manufacturing), he is the best in the manufacturing department when it comes to measurements, making use of his experience in his previous department, and he is providing guidance and training other workers, making him an indispensable presence.

  • About the job content

    As an equipment operator in the parts manufacturing department, I operate equipment, maintain and check quality, and replace cutting tools.
    Currently, I mainly manufacture hydraulic valve control parts for automobile transmissions.
    Some automobile parts require precision of 1/1000, so I perform a lot of confirmation work.I feel fulfilled when I am able to achieve the quality and production of the product I was entrusted with.

  • Thorough safety and quality maintenance

    At our company, we pay close attention to maintenance on a daily basis as it affects the safety, quality, and production of our equipment.
    We work with safety in mind above all else.
    It is essential to pay attention to quality while operating equipment and responding to problems.We manufacture our products while always keeping in mind the importance of carrying out operations with thorough safety aspects and maintaining a high level of awareness regarding quality.

  • work environment

    Even in different sections, we help each other to consider and deal with problems in order to achieve our goals.
    There are external seminars and study sessions with customers, and I participate and study depending on the situation.It's an environment where I can work while honing my skills.
    We have a large number of foreign employees from many different nationalities, and despite the differences in language and culture, we actively interact and build a system of mutual cooperation.

  • Future challenges and goals

    I hope to help our company to become a company where all employees can have fun and be prosperous, and where people around us aspire to improve our company.
    I would like to study programming and aim to have a broader perspective and become a specialized engineer.I would like to take on the challenge of manufacturing high value-added products with a flexible mindset that is open to change.