Hajime Ito

Tool Division Tool Department Manufacturing Sectionchief Joined in 2011 PLAY MOVIE


We are impressed by how seriously he takes everything he does. Please learn a lot and take on challenges to achieve your goals. We are look forward to it.

  • About the job content

    I work in a department called the Tools Division.We manufacture cutlery with special shapes by making to order, according to customer needs.
    Of course we have a high level of precision, but each piece is different in shape, and size, so we are proud of our ability to make proposals to our customers that match those needs.

  • The charm of National Tools

    We offer technical proposals that combine cutting tool manufacturing technology and precision parts processing technology, which are not found in other companies in the industry.
    Many of our products have complex shapes and are difficult to control using NC control, so we are gaining experience in manually making each product one by one.I think it's rewarding because it requires a high level of skill, and what's attractive about it is that you can feel that your skills are improving.
    I have asked them to research various things, such as childcare leave systems, and provide sympathetic advice.

  • My perspective changed after becoming a manager.

    Now that I'm in the position of a supervisor, I have more meetings with each process, and I've started to give opinions on how to make the work that comes to me more efficient, and I've been able to put those things together. I became more aware of the whole thing.

  • Future challenges and goals

    My current goal is to master the special tool process and become involved in special tool design.
    I want to become a reliable person who can play an active role not only in Japan but also at overseas factories.
    We aim to be a company that attracts young talent and gives them a sense of fulfillment, and we would like to do our best to create a company where all employees work together to achieve their goals.