Shiho Tsukahara

Parts Division Management Department Quality Assurance Sectionleader Joined in 2015 PLAY MOVIE


She understands that "quality" in automobiles is extremely important as it is directly connected to the safety and security of our customers, and we approach our work with a sense of mission.She is an expert in visual inspection who has achieved zero deliveries of major defects in the past three years (2020-2023)

  • About the job content

    Our inspection group inspects 100,000 products every day.There is an inspection group that serves as the last "fort" before handing over the product to the customer.
    This is an extremely important department that cannot afford to overlook defective products.I think it's very appealing to be able to play a role in maintaining the "quality of a national tool." I was hired as a full-time employee and am currently working as a leader.
    We strive to maintain zero complaints from customers.

  • Motivation at work

    Defective automotive parts are life-threatening parts, so when I thought that the product I had inspected would be installed in a car, I was nervous and wondered if I would be able to do it.
    I feel that this is a company where female staff can play an active role in a wide range of areas, as their communication skills have been honed by interacting with staff from various countries.

  • Support for company systems and education

    It's easy to get paid holidays and have a good balance between work and private life.
    This is a workplace where there are few women, but I can feel free to talk to my superiors on a daily basis and tell them what I'm feeling at work, and the fact that women are evaluated just as much as men is also appealing.
    I believe that the company provides an environment where each employee can work while honing their skills, with assignments and a training system that allows each employee to demonstrate their abilities.

  • Future challenges and goals

    As a Japanese brand that boasts high quality, we aim to not only avoid complaints 365 days a year, but also to provide products that will make our customers even more happy.
    I want to become a person who is more sensitive to even the smallest changes than ever before, and who people around me can trust and feel safe leaving things to me.
    I believe that the accumulation of small changes will eventually lead to big changes, so I would like to share the company's vision with my team and create an environment that is easier to work in and more rewarding.