Kazushige Ushiyama

Parts Division Management Department Quality Assurance SectionManager Joined in 2010 PLAY MOVIE


Our work in quality assurance and management involves close contact not only with customers but also with many departments within the company.Through our in-house training system, he was able to improve his overall skills as a quality assurance professional, from parts processing to inspection and shipping through on-site training in the manufacturing department.
When it comes to internal quality improvement, he became a pillar of cross-departmental communication and is expanding his range of activities.

  • About the job content

    In order to provide products that our customers can feel at ease with, we control quality from the time we receive the materials that form the basis of the parts, until the products are packaged and shipped.
    In the unlikely event that a quality complaint occurs, the Quality Assurance Department takes the lead in taking measures to ensure that the same complaint does not occur again and to prevent recurrence so that we can quickly recover.

  • Strengths of National Tools

    The auto parts we produce are precision machined parts that require precision of 1/1000 mm.Measurement technology is required to accurately determine the condition.This is also easily affected by differences in climate and temperature.
    Rather than relying solely on machines, we provide a service that makes our customers even more happy by having a human eye that doesn't overlook even the slightest error, and by cultivating a professional sense in each individual.

  • Pursuit of customer satisfaction and global expansion

    In order for a company to demonstrate its global presence, we believe it is important to provide our customers with our strengths in technology in an appropriate manner.
    While constantly considering various added values ​​other than technology, in order to provide customers with products that combine them, we quickly respond to customer requests and problems that cannot be met with standard products, and make product value even more attractive.
    The important thing is to imagine how the customer feels.Never ignore the voice of our customers.

  • Future challenges and goals

    Basic education is also extensive, and I feel that as long as you have basic knowledge and ideas about quality assurance, you can be very successful.
    Currently, I am also working as an ISO9001 internal auditor. My goal is to get to the point where people feel like they can ask me about the quality control system.For that reason, I would like to go deeper and learn more.